Driver Assessment

The Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy Service (DAROTS) is a service designed for people with cognitive and/or physical disabilities to assist them in safely resuming the challenging task of driving where possible. This service is suitable for people who have an acquired or traumatic brain injury, stroke, amputation, arthritis, back and neck injuries, and other neurological and physical conditions.

Clients may be referred by anyone however their GP will determine whether they meet the Austroads National Medical Standards for Licencing.

What is involved with the DAROTS?


The assessment consists of a pre on-road and an on-road assessment.

  • The pre on-road assessment gathers relevant information about the client's driving and medical history, and evaluates physical, cognitive and visual function.
  • The on-road assessment of driving competency is conducted with the driver trained OT and a qualified driving instructor to assess on-road driving ability, and whether any vehicle modifications or driver rehabilitation is required.


  • Prescription of appropriate vehicle modifications.
  • Driver rehabilitation or re-training programs regarding learning to drive with vehicle modifications.
  • Driver rehabilitation or re-training programs regarding learning to implement cognitive, physical and visual driving strategies.
  • Re-assessment by the Driver Trained Occupational Therapist where required.
  • Recommendations regarding return to driving outcomes, counseling and referral to other agencies to support the difficult process of driver cessation when required.

A report is forwarded to the relevant licencing authority after the assessment is completed with recommendations regarding return to driving.

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Good mixture of information, participation by group and hands on experience.



Matt was by my side from the initial unknown and terrifying ordeal of discovering I had an Acquired Brain Injury.



Interesting, lively.