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Occupational Therapists providing rehabilitation services in the Northern Rivers (NSW) and Southern Gold Coast (QLD) area, including Rehabilitation Case Management, Driving AssessmentsEquipment Prescription and Home Modifications, Mindfulness Meditation Training, Risk AssessmentsWork Site Assessments and more...

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Driver Assessment


The Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy Service (DAROTS) is a service designed for people with cognitive and/or physical disabilities to assist them in safely resuming the challenging task of driving where possible.

  • Including on-road assessment
  • Prescription of appropriate vehicle modifications
  • Rehabilitation and Training programs

Rehabilitation Case Management


Providing injury management with a vocational focus where appropriate. This service includes:

  • Initial Needs Assessment
  • Develop plan in liason with client and key stakeholders
  • Managed execution of all planned activities
  • Occupational Therapy services as required
  • Progress Report at conclusion

Mindfulness Meditation Training


An eight week experiential training program for schools, corporate and community groups, and individuals. Suitable for people with stress, anxiety and depression, and also beneficial for anyone without mental health diagnoses who wishes to take better care of themselves and improve their ability to manage stress. Over this eight week evidence-based program one will develop insights into thought patterns, with benefits including:

  • Increased self awareness and stress reduction
  • Improved emotional regulation
  • Improved ability to pay attention to present moment experience
  • Development of robust resilience

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